elinné sensitive skin

Elinné anticipates the future of European natural cosmetics

We know the importance of the market in the growing demand for natural cosmetics and BIO. In addition, the requirement that they follow a standard that of safety and reliability to the consumer.
Several certified private labels have appeared in recent years, with a great contribution to the existence of a more consensual framework in the term "natural and BIO".
Finally, at the end of 2017, Europe publishes the first Harmonized Standard and of international validity, the ISO16128 Standard of Natural Cosmetics, which establishes a series of standards and criteria to perform natural cosmetics and, in addition, to assess its degree of natural or organic (or BIO).

However, the natural is not always synonymous with "good for the skin." The most powerful poisons on the planet are natural and even the feared preservatives by the consumer "parabens" are of natural origin. One of the preservatives mostly used in natural cosmetics is the "benzyl alcohol" that is considered by the dermatological medicine guild as a potential skin allergen.

Elinné, is moving forward with a cosmetic that integrates NATURAL, BIO and TOXIC-FREE, with its line of sensitive skin, which is free of preservatives (multifunctional molecules), without perfumes with allergens, without nanoparticles, without BHT, without dyes, only physical sunscreens (not nanoencapsulated) and with regenerating and moisturizing assets mostly.
The line I chose sensitive skin, it is ideal for people who love natural cosmetics and their skin, atopic skin, dehydrated, with lack of regeneration, sensitive skin, reactive skin, cancer treatments (where no toxicity is needed, a lot of hydration and regeneration ) and young people who want to start applying their first cosmetics.