The maximum radiance of the skin is only achieved with the most appropriate treatment. Remember, not everything goes ...

Our body is exposed to multiple external environmental aggressions such as ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB), pollution, nicotine, hydrocarbons produced by motor vehicles, ... but also internal aggressions such as that due to some foods or stress that also generate Unwanted free radicals.

Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid performs in our body different functions, especially acts as a co-factor in the synthesis of connective protein tissue, collagen.

Vitamin C has a high capacity to act as free anti-radicals, thus preventing cell oxidation. These free radicals degrade the collagen and elastin fibres, oxidize the cell membrane and can create alterations at the level of the DNA of the cells, that is, it causes premature ageing, loss of skin elasticity, hyperpigmentation, in general, it devitalizes the image.

Vitamin C is not able our body to produce it, which is why we must provide it to it through food or drinks. Similarly, the skin also needs vitamin C. Vitamin C topically is essential to achieve healthy skin and protected from the threat of free radicals. It synthesizes collagen, makes the elasticity recover by providing firmness to the skin and makes the skin's uniform and luminous tone recover, reducing dark spots and local discolouration (depigmenting).